Project Beam © 2019 MKS DESIGN TECH LTD


Rhinoceros and Revit interoperability tool



As soon as Beam is installed you might not see the panel active in Rhino.

Click on the options wheel and select BEAM to activate it.

Rhino Panel

Manage Archive Folders

Manage Category specific Parameters

Add or Remove Family Parameters

Manage Families in the Project

Select Rhino objects by GUID

Family Category

Object parameters

This values are unique for each Rhino Object.

Data is visible only in Dynamo.

Family parameters

Instance parameters assigned to the family.

They must exist in the Revit file the will be imported to.

Numerical parameters will use Rhino's units when converted to Revit. 


Press to start exporting.


Changing an object's family.

Note that family parameters change at the same time to the new family's parameters.

Throught the dropdown menu is possible to change the family's category.

Walls, Ceilings, Floors and Roofs will be system families. All others will be loadabe families.