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Enhancing BIM modelling

With MKS Beam the distance between 3D modelling and BIM gets closer than ever before.

A workflow to connect McNeel's excellent multipurpose 3D modeller Rhinoceros with the AEC industry standard Autodesk Revit.

Assign parameters, create families and move geometry across the platforms. MKS Beam comes with features targeted to assist designers in the creation of models that can fully deliver the creative intent along all the data needed to bring it into the digital era of Building Information Modelling.



Unified Design

When compared to Rhino, Revit's 3D capabilities are limited. MKS Beam provides tools to assign information and parameters to Rhino's geometrical objects and bring them to Revit easily, updating components and creating a connection between the models.
Designers can now seamlessly combine Revit elements to complementary complex geometry and bring the power of free-form design to BIM.


Local Cache System

Mks Beam uses a customized cache file format to transfer and archive design iterations. The cache location can be defined on a project basis and is accessible to every user, enabling collaboration opportunities between team members.

Custom Panel

MKS Beam is easy to use through its custom panel built inside Rhino.

Information is handled in the background by the plugin and with a familiar and accessible interface.

Objects can be assigned to families and custom data can be added to it.

Category, Materials and more will then be reflected in the Revit document automatically.

All information is saved in the file and can be easily maintained by the user.

With the panel users can also manage families in the document, set project folders and more.

Just select what need to be sent to Revit and MKS Beam will do the rest.

Built for the maximum flexibility

MKS Beam can be used in project and family documents.

When used in a Project, MKS Beam will import elements grouping them in families, along with all metadata, updating them automatically with each import as long as they mantain the same name.

In Family Environment designers can add geometry to existing families and use special family types like face based families or curtain panels.

Each Beam is stored in the cache folder and identifiable by a custom name. The user can select which one to import at any time, allowing to go back and forth design options.

Revit Geometry and Parameters

With MKS Beam, all geometry is converted to proper Revit Free Form Geometry. No Import Symbols. No clutter. Geometry can be cut with voids, assigned of visibility parameters, materials, moved, copied and more.

MKS Beam manages the creation and assignment of properties automatically.


Unleash the power of Dynamo.

MKS Beam transports more information from the Rhino file, like, color, layer and more when used in Dynamo and unlocks many workflows available such as using adaptive components. The speed and power of this approach is virtually unlimited.

Active Development

Mks Beam is an ongoing project and many new features are planned in our road map. We value user input and we aim to create a reliable and complete workflow ready to be used in any kind of situation and project.

Regular updates will keep the tool relevant and expanded. MKS Beam is built by and for AEC experts.



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